I have just rebuilt my printer, and after having so much trouble getting Marlin uploaded I turned to Repetier, and must admit my prints have never been better. A BIG Thank you.


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  • I fully understand, thanks any how. Cheers.
  • With that all sorted, now I need to find out if two motors on the Y is necessary, or can I get away with just one. The base plate is aluminum 380 X 280 X 5 mm, you would then have the size and weight of the material. I am planing for a belt drive.
  • I thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions
  • The MKS GEN has positions for two Extruders, which for this I don't need. Is there a way I can utilize these, for say and extra Y and X drive.
  • I am not sure, but I believe that the speed is controlled via a pot. I just need to supply power, and I have  48v supply.
  • Thank you Sir,that is most helpful. The spindle I have has a speed controller board, So I will be able to power it directly from the PS.
  • Thank you for the reply . I will be using a MKS GEN 1.4 board, where would it be best to connect the spindle.
  • No worries, sorted it, not so dumb after all.
  • I dont want to remove it, I want it to work. It tells me when the card is inserted and when it is removed, but it is not reading the card, maybe the board is faulty I don't know, that is why I am here The card itself seems to be fine I can read ir e…
  • OK Thanks, Got that, one problem left, the SD card how can I set that, it;s not reading the card. I don;t want to go to go to online config. sorry for being dumb
  • Where do I set that , I can,t find any where it says Display in the config.h. I do not wish to go through the configuration again now that it is working, took  me long enough in the first place.
  • Repetier said: u8glib is included in firmware. You do not use a eventually installed library at all. Thanks, just how do I set up the LCD in firmware, I am not that hot with firmware, I know how to connect it to the printer, the Mechanics …
  • Looks as though I have beaten eveyone again, fixed the  problem
  • So far it looks as though I have it Sorted
  • Thanks for the help along the way Guys, I have managed to get Marlin to  compile, so will be working with that
  • Thanks for the info. I have it now  printing to a fashion, how I did it was probable unconventional but it worked. I put in the start Gcode G1 Z0.1, that allowed me to lower the hotend, and I have set an offset of 1.8, but I still have to control it…
  • No I did not see these files, it's a wonder someone didn't point me to them earlier in the piece. Thank you very much, for taking the time.
  • Defining the Feature_Z_probe 1. all that did was to stop then continue to push the nozzle into the bed. Most of the things you mention here I cannot find. So I m going to scrap the idea of the Z probe and go back to using the mechanical endstop. One…
  • Repetier said: If you  use z probe for homing you need to use a homing order with preheat. Then you can select to pre raise (required so z probe is not triggered at start) and you can set a psoition so enabling z offset is possible. In all ot…
  • Got the heating working again, but can't get the extruder to lower below the homing height. It will not go any lower. I am getting a bit worried that I will burn something out.
  • and yet another error arises, it is not heating either the bed or the hotend, get the error ,Printer set in dry run mode. It make me wonder if it is all worth the effort, I have been over a week trying to set this thing to print, still not there.
  • well got the homing back, but no probing, looks as though I will have to forget it. I thought this was supposed to be easy to set up, if that;s the case I am glad I am not trying to work with Marlin.
  • Ok thanks, have set these settings, and things are not going well. I press print, it homes Z as expected buy only momentarily then continues to go down into the bed, the X and Y do not hope, I can home the individually . It is not probing Before mak…
  • Ok , made a few wild guesses and got it working to a degree, still some things I do not understand. 1) why it is set to raise up 40 mm after it homes. 2) and how to set it for print height.
  • Thank you so much, your help has been highly appreciated.
  • Thank you very much, was not what I actually needed but it did lead me in the right direction to fix it. Now, fingers crossed, I have one slight problem left. There is a distinct shudder at the start of a movement,on the X and Y axis, but when homin…
  • Thanks, got both the X and Z axis stopends working Ok, but The Y is giving some trouble, I am trying to get it to trigger at the front of the printer, If I connect it to the min socket it move towards the back only if I press the endstop, put it to …
  • I am having problems setting endstops, and the X axis is only moving in one direction, but if I hold  in the endstop it will move but only once. Can anyone please put me right here Here is the endstop settings, the Z is fine. the X axis stopend is …
  • Hey don't ask me what I did right this time, but I got it to compile, must be smarter than I thought. Thanks Guys for you help and patience.
  • I had already setup and downloaded the full firmware, but was getting these errors, which I believed was some setting that I had done in the configuration .h file, so to I just down loaded an unaltered one which I pasted into the repetier folder, de…