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  • Genius! Of course! I can just read pins 6 and 7 and check if the circuit is functional. Thanks for the great idea, I'll try later. I checked pins.h. All places mentioning 7 or 22 are inside other boards' definitions, so should not affect me.
  • Ah, I know what can be wrong! I couldn't compile the code initially because of two places in Commans.cpp - lines 1616 and 1953 have `INPUT_PULLUP`, which is undefined for some reason. Quick googling suggested to just set it to 2, and that's what I d…
  • Thanks for your help, but still no luck. Basically I've copied the latest git repo (master), uploaded boards/Zonestar P802M/Configuration.h to online wizard, modified some stuff, put the config file back and compiled. So the problem can be only in C…
  • Didn't work I've tried all pins - 0 to 7. It's `def` for all pins except 6 (heatbed thermistor, works fine). Setting `TEMP_1_PIN` to 7 gives `def` for bed temperature. Setting `TEMP_0_PIN` to 6 gives good readings for extruder, but that's not what …
  • Hm... makes sense. I've just used `TEMP_0_PIN` for extruder thermistor, which is set to 7 in pins.h for my board, which matches the schema I found here http://reprap.org/mediawiki/images/7/7d/Melzi-circuit.png. I'll try other ADCs (there are just 7 …
  • Good point... Menzi v2 schematics says it's ADC7 pin, that's what I have in configs. Should I just try other ADC pins (7 of them total)? Can't it be harmful for the board?