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  • mitch25 said: I have the major warping problems with PLA too. Even very small pieces warp which doesn't happen with ABS for me. My extruder temperature is 180 degrees and my bed is 70. what's causing the PLA to warp so much?  It is probabl…
  • Make sure you load with the same units ... sounds like you designed in inches and loaded with mm. That makes it 25.4 x smaller.
  • I ran into the same problem a few times and the correct format is lowercase but I think if you do it wrong it stops working for a while. @pause (optional text) No ";" in front of it as that makes it a comment.
  • Start by manually moving the extruder towards that area of the print surface by 10mm steps and see if the physical position matches the 10mm distances that you tell it to move. If it does then look at the gcode that is making the movement past the p…
  • Yes!!! It seems to loose sharpness too... and the color palet adjustments ?? I also miss the ability to position the object with numerical values as I sometimes like to move objects around on the bed to a new sticky spot or move big objects close to…