sliced and printed differs

Hi folks!

I've been preparing to print 280*275 hull part
and i discovered unusual behavior mostly on
1 speed changes steeply and suddenly during straight and light curves approach.
2 curves near one of the two corners differ dramatically from what has been sliced
3 skirt is acutually not 100 outside the part and the distance is not even from the part.

please take a look.

settings are basic, is there an info that could help?

Smaller prints are 100% solid run.
which size causes problems i'm figuring out right now.
Advice highly appreciated, thank you, guys!


  • Start by manually moving the extruder towards that area of the print surface by 10mm steps and see if the physical position matches the 10mm distances that you tell it to move. If it does then look at the gcode that is making the movement past the prior layers and see if the gcode is wrong.
  • Watching the video, it appeared that your hotend overshot the corner by a pretty good margin. That would indicate issues like JanComputerMan stated and a possible issue with your motor controlling X.

    As for the skirt question. Depending on your slicer, the skirt is created off the bottom layer dimensions. So if your hull starts small and then becomes wider as it goes up, that would be normal to have a skirt that appears smaller than it should.
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