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  • another FYI: just installed latest marlin 1.1bugfix version and bltouch issue is gone but the e-steps issue remains. when i ask for 100mm, it extrudes 63.2mm.
  • just an fyi, my bltouch keeps reseting about once per minute causing errors in host 2.0. this also happens with pronterface and cura so apparently its a problem with marlin 1.1
  • my setup is: migbot i3  with an mks gen 1.4 controller board using a toranado geared extruder at a 5:1 ratio. my e-steps are normally at 488.83. i followed your instructions and edited the xml for e-steps, e feedrate and e acceleration as none of th…
  • UPDATE: just found out that marlin 1.1 was released. downloaded it, configured and installed. now when i start repetier host 2.0, my bltouch keeps resetting about once a minute which for some reason reboots marlin and host comes up with an error eve…
  • i also am having this problem. i have 3 printers, one of which uses smoothieware, but the other 2 use marlin rc8. the e steps do not show up in the firmware config area and my printers under extrude terribly. i tried wiping the eeprom thru arduino 1…