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  • I agree. I've gotten the dev version running reliably in the meantime. A lot of printing problems I had (which I attributed to firmware) were the result of a faulty sd card. I've put op a working Configuration.h for the Repetier dev version tailor m…
  • Yes, Zonestar used the configurator tool, but made manual changes afterwards. So, the configuration is not complete. But I'm getting the hang of configuring and flashing the firmware with the dev version. It takes a lot of time to get all settings c…
  • I've received the source code, both from Henk (thanks!) and from Zonestar. Uploading it with no changes works fine, only changed the name of the printer to show that it really is *my* version that's running. After that I tried the dev version. Uploa…
  • I've also asked Zonestar for the sourcecode. Haven't heard from them since (been a couple of days, so it could still happen) I love the printer, but I'm struggling to get auto bed levelling working.
  • Hi everybody, I've recently purchased a Zonestar P802QA and it came equiped with a ZRIB V3 controller board. As far as I can tell the only difference between V2 and V3 is the USB to Serial controller, so my guess is that I can treat the V3 the same …