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  • Well you could send it from min to max and let it measure distance, but that would need a new command since it only stops, but continues counting when hit max end. And if you would do this after you calibrate it the conventional way, you would get t…
  • I know solution with calibration cubes, but I think that many people would invest a few dollars into max endstops if this would be a thing. And it could help to get these calibrations less time consuming and less material consuming, beacuse of bigge…
  • And in setting for jam detection and out of filament detection, i should leave the preset numbers for regular steps per cycle, slowdown steps, slowdown to... Or should I fill in 0 everywhere?
  • I can see there: #if SDSS > -1#if SDCARDDETECT > -1 Is that correct? I am using Mega 2560 clone, RAMPS 1.4 and reprap discount full graphic smart controller
    in SD init fail Comment by OkurRo July 2017
  • i have tried changing sd reading to sixteenth and waiting for init to 1000 miliseconds but still the same
    in SD init fail Comment by OkurRo July 2017
  • I can't upload programs to that arduino, but when I connect display I can controll the printer with it, so only problem is comunication with PCs.
  • It was, there was only problem with isolation could it be it?, yes it persist