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  • I see there are many options...  RAMPS-FD    SMART-RAMPS    Smoothie ...   I will try a smart ramps w/Due as it will fit the same footprint as the ramps 1.4 and a 2560.   Couple weeks for delivery.
  • Thank you for taking the time to reply to my issue. Does V2 firmware do the part-cooling fan switching with extruder OK? Where are we at with 16 bit boards?  I have an Arduino Due and I think it is a RADDS board, but heard the board has issues.   …
  • oh you are right.  There was a drop Z 15mm in the GCode, I guess you want that on a different type printer but not a corexy.Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Question:  Steps/mm and acceleration settings in one firmware should be the…
  • Like I said, I gave up on this. OF COURSE I SWITCHED THE TX AND RX PINS DURING MY TROUBLESHOOTING.  Geeze!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Duet has arrived.   Connected everything, power up, and it just works.  Even color mixing!!!!!!!! However, I am now on Reprap …
  • I give up on this.Ordered a duet. Beyond frustrated.
  • I rechecked my work, the solder is fine.
  • I had to solder on headers for this after everything was installed.  I will recheck my work...
  • I am using a 3.3v ttl logic level USB serial connection, of course.  Don't think it is 5v.Regardless, I cannot get anything out on these pins.
  • I cannot find expansion port pins on RADDS.  Only AUX1  and the top 4 pins of AUX1 is +5, TX, RX, GNDThose appear to be part of the same row of pins used on the RADDS expansion board that had 2 additional steppers and bluetooth port.
  • So let's say I have a RADDS board connected to a Due and I want to enable bluetooth serial. My options are - Serial 1Serial 2Serial 3Due Programming PortDue Native Port Is there anything stored in EEPROM that would override the bluetooth serial sett…
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  • Where can I find the required changes for ui.h as mentioned in the OP?
  • Thank you for the explanation.I push to 21 but now radds board arrives. Rep, what dislpay are you using?  I ordered a PanelDue.
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  • Hi, Buffer count is 16, happy to lower that.I am test compiling changing the number,  At 11, the low memory warning starts to appear, leaving 1993 bytes free.  Each additional delta segment per line adds ~112 bytes. 12 = 1881 bytes free13 = 1769 byt…
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  • //#define DELTASEGMENTS_PER_PRINTLINE 24  // original value#define DELTASEGMENTS_PER_PRINTLINE 8  // new value printer is working.
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  • Ack.  Got my bed level, back to messing with firmware. The printer prints but stops in the middle of printing.   Crashes, reboots. I have turned down delta segment settings very low but still free memory is only 500 bytes. How do I get more memory a…
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  • It is working... Well, that is, it's moving.    I suspect I messed up the pins.h somehow.  That file is somewhat of a cluster. Closing this issue and moving on to next one, which is hardware related;  there appears to be a 'dip' of sorts in the midd…
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  • No I have not.It could very well be, moving between 2 different firmwares.I remember setting the 16 virtual extruders somewhere. Can you explain what you mean by copied from configuration.h ? I also got a hold of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow filaments.. Cu…
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  • Rep?
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  • Hey,here is a link to the board -http://reprap.org/wiki/RAMPS-FD It is a RMAPS-FD board.   and the bugshttp://forums.reprap.org/read.php?219,424146
  • That was one of my three RAMPS/Arduino board burn ups.   Cost a whole $15.00 to fix.
  • Three times for me, 1 of them a Rumba. My power supply is 12V @ 30Amps,   no mercy unfortunately. I've seen some funny things on my graphic display.. 
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  • Hey, can I ask, what shield are you using on the Due?  I have the Pololu Rev 1a board but read it has all sorts of 'bugs'.I am having a hard enough time making things work.
  • Here is my configuration.h   for a second set of eyes.../*    This file is part of Repetier-Firmware.     Repetier-Firmware is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published …
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  • Still no movement. I went all the way to DELTASEGMENTS_PER_LINE 8  No low memory, but still no motor movement and the screen stops. Changing from DRIVE_SYSTEM 3  to DRIVE_SYSTEM 0, motors move.DRIVE_SYSTEM 3  motors don't move. gong back to DELTASEG…
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  • Cool, I will give it a shot.    I had a working configuration at one point but lost it. FYI, here is the Ardunio build environment, verify compile result - Sketch uses 145,842 bytes (57%) of program storage space. Maximum is 253,952 bytes.Global var…
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