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  • Ok, I will restart the server for now. I posted a log in the first post, here is another one where I activated and deactivated the printer a few times. The password to view is "repetier". Board is Arduino Mega + RAMPS 1.4
  • This problem also occured before I installed octoprint. ps aux shows only one instance of Repetier. With connect I mean activating/deactivating the printer in Repetier-Server.
  • I updated to Repetier-Server 0.75.1 today and the behavior is still the same. The first time I connect results in no problems and every time I connect after that I get communication problems until I restart Repetier-Server and the cycle continues.
  • Ok, I can reproduce the problem now. When I start Repetier-Server, the first time I connect to the printer everything is ok. Once I deactivate the printer and activate it again while leaving Repetier-Server running, the problems occur. Every time I …
  • I tried printing again today and unfortunately the problem appeared again. On Thursday after I completely reinstalled Raspian and Repetier-Server, there were no errors like i wrote earlier. I only let it run in idle mode though and only for a few mi…
  • I actually just completely reinstalled Repetier-Server because I had a problem during updating with my Raspberry Pi and the problem seems to be gone for now in idle mode. I hope it stays this way, otherwise I will use a shorter cable.