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  • I found the problem!   EXTRUDER_FAN_COOL_TEMP was set at 50c That's why i got no response, so when i heated up the extruder it started spinning!!!!  
  • Look at these pdf's and see what pin i should assign? in pins.h or Configuration.h? i have no idea? ive tried everyting.....http://reprap.org/mediawiki/images/8/81/RADDS_26_sch.pdf http://reprap.org/mediawiki/images/4/48/Board_layout_RADDSV1.5.pdf …
  • I have tried connect fan 1 in the first fan port to? but nothing happens? in know that the pins 9 8 is fan 1 and 2 i in the pins.h file ? so I should replace in Configuration.h From / To#define FAN_BOARD_PIN ORIG_FAN_PIN (TO) #define FAN_BOARD_PIN …
  • Got this problem from nowhere! just came for no reason?.... im running 0.92.8 version?
  • Bought a new Arduino due and the problem is fixed! Bought my first one from reprap.me as "Couture619" did. The China knockoff they sell seems to be the problem, thanks!
  • Nothing more then this.... 21:06:01.786 : extruder 0: temp sensor defect21:06:01.790 : heated bed: temp sensor defect marked defect21:06:01.790 : Error:Printer set into dry run mode until restart!21:06:01.794 : Disabling all heaters due to detecte…
  • Ok but how do I know what pin configuration I should use? A0 is only connected to supply the thermisitor with 3,3v and the other pin is reading the resistance as you said? then it should be something wrong in the pins.h file? Wrong pin assignment…
  • Hello sorry for stealing this thread! I've got the same problem! I've tried change pins in pins.h selected the right thermistor type and measured the thermistor via the contact... Everything seems to be fine? I've checked the voltage between the …