Working on a small Megatroinc3 extension.


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  • Hi "Repetier", OK, I conceed that point  - I did not notice that one variable is "currentTemperature"and "currentTemperatureC". "> Yes, I understood the function of the ISR, Module extruder.cpp, class TemperatureController, method updateCurren…
  • Ah, but it only prints the values from a datastructure of the Extruder class, what I find hard to follow is the transforms of the analog input data gathered by the interrupt routine ISR(PWM_TIMER_VECTOR) that fills up a aggregation array, through to…
  • This is the "special"(?) 91.something for Spiderbot - it includes some changes not in the .91 on the download page. There are a few additional minor inconsitencies/flaws/(errors?) in the pins.h and the way the configuration.h uses it, but I am unsu…
  • Hi, no error output at all. Rummaged around in the code, and the pins.h file for the megatronics 3.0, which is what I have, says #define SDSUPPORT false Ah ha! Changed that to true, and now all that part works.
  • Yes, well, there is always a workaround. :-) Should I submit this in the bug-section or will you put it there yourself? A hint for a solution: Store the text as a hex-string (Raw binary,  in other words).
  • Fine. Yes, it all works - except for the script files. They are in the .REG file, but are not imported into the registry. I am moving bewteen a Win XP and a win 7, but have tried export-delete-import on the win7, too. Same problem.
  • My printer moves as fast in the Z as in the XY. Yet again, whatever feature is programmed - there is a printer that requires the opposite. #-o (This why programs quickly get burgeoned with so many little buttons/parameters). Assuming the Park is "h…
  • I observe that at the moment it first does an XY movement and then a Z movement. (two seperate G1 commands). If anything, the order should be opposite, IMHO. @thecrazy: Why would just move XY not hit anything that raising Z might? What is your pri…
  • Instead of reinventing the wheel, perhaps it could just call an external editor. (choice of which is settable in preferences, of course).
  • I guess your problem, SONIC300077, is that small letters are not acceptable gcode. They are usually capitals.
  • When I draw such simple 2D shapes, I find it easier to generate the Gcode by hand, or a simple program. I use Processing
  • The matter has been solved. The steppermotor drivers overheated and had thermal shutdown. Still, learned a lot during this "exercise".
  • If the Park command is ignored, then why did the system think it had moved it to the Park position when the next G29 command moved to a start position with a slight above Z0 but actually did a dive to a spot well below the physical 0? Anyhow, I hav…