Search for layers with gcode editor?

Is there a simple way to get to the beginning of layers, or do a search
with the gcode editor?  I would like to do filament color changes during
only certain layer changes,  but it takes a very long time on huge prints to scroll down until I see the layer I want.   If I had some way to search for a layer and it would position the cursor at the Z adjustment move for that layer, it would be perfect... even if it was only a way to search for text, it would be helpful,  at least I could search for "z" and that would be the beginning of each layer... would be a lot easier than scrolling.


  • Yes you can jump directly to any layer. Below editor is a preview selector. Enter the layer number there and hit the button to the left. That will take you to the start/end of the layer depending on the button.
  • Awesome!  I never realized those were actually buttons there!!   Thank You!!!
  • Is there a way to do a search for a text string with the gcode editor?    I find that I would like to verify my @execute and @pause commands are properly placed, but I don't always do them on the layer change, sometimes I do them during the infill of the previous layer so it would be a few thousand lines up from the layer change.  
  • It is on my list of todos but it is not included yet.
  • Instead of reinventing the wheel, perhaps it could just call an external editor. (choice of which is settable in preferences, of course).
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