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  • All sorted now, thanks. The problem was with the interface control panel. I specified the Viki panel in the configurator but had not connected it. Once it was connected, the board logged in straight away. Your firmware configurator is awesome! Final…
  • The firmware configured and uploaded to the new board without problem. The problem starts when I want to connect to Repetier Host. It finds the Com port, it connects, but according to the text message, no start signal is detected and the board does …
  • I cannot find Pibot 2.0 in the motherbard menu yet. Have you uploaded the new version already? Thanks.
  • When do you think your firmware will be available for Pibot2.0? I am hanging out for it. Pibot for Repetier form Pibot is problematic and full of bugs.
  • Thanks, found it. When do you think Pibot2.0 will come on stream?
  • Vers 0.90 has  a setting under the temperature menu called "max PWM value-determines max power for heater (0255)". Version 0.91 and 0.92 no longer have that setting, or maybe I just cannot see it. If the setting has been renamed, under what heading …
  • Yes, I'm working on the next update that will contain pibot 2 support. Will hopefully be released today. But only for current version 0,.92.3. Are you also planning to reinstate the max PWM extruder setting in the Temperature menu? That would be gre…