PID Autotune not working on second extruder

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After getting a few "One heater seems decoupled from thermistor - disabling all for safety!" I wanted to do a new PID autotune as I was no longer sure if I had the extruder PIDs correct.

Just want to mention I can print with both extruders so the wiring is fine. Change between them by T0 and T1 works.

Autotune on first extruder (E0) works fine

But when I try the second extruder it actually heats up the first extruder. Hopefully I only got the syntax wrong.

Send: M303 E1 C8 S200
Recv: ok 0
Recv: Info:PID Autotune start
Recv: T:28.79 /0 B:23.29 /0 B@:0 @:255 T0:28.79 /0 @0:255 T1:21.52 /0 @1:0
Recv: T:30.00 /0 B:23.29 /0 B@:0 @:255 T0:30.00 /0 @0:255 T1:21.52 /0 @1:0
Recv: T:31.82 /0 B:23.41 /0 B@:0 @:255 T0:31.82 /0 @0:255 T1:21.52 /0 @1:0

If I set T1 before running the command the same happens only I get the temp readouts from T1 and the value does not change.

I'm on development, did a pull today and recompiled. So a M502 and M500.



  • Your syntax is for Marlin. See repetier.ino file for repetier syntax, where it says
    - M303 P<extruder/bed> S<printTemerature> X0 R<Repetitions>- Autodetect pid values. Use P<NUM_EXTRUDER> for heated bed. X0 saves result in

    So M303 P1 S200
    should work for you.
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