what changes in the configuration are necessary to use 2 extruder?

I want to use 2 extruder with the repetier firmware. In the configuration.h i can change the number. (#define NUM_EXTRUDER)
But when i compile now, i get the following error:

Extruder.cpp:1167: error: 'EXT1_ADVANCE_BACKLASH_STEPS' was not declared in this scope

I am not familiar with C++ or something like this.
1. My first objektive is that i can control both extruder.
2.After that my second objektive is to control both extruder simultaneously
3. My third objektive is that both extruder operate at different speeds to the same time.

I use an arduino mega 2560r3 and a RAMPS 1.4 with a display and sd card



  • Easiest way is to use our online configuration tool. There you simply increase extruder count and fill in the new fields.

    The github also contains a configuration.h that has all variables for second extruder. In general you need a copy of everything starting with EXT0_ with name EXT1_ fo second extruder definition.
  • ok. thanks. i will try it if i get the new arduino in this week.
    i will answer after this.

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