G32 vs G33

In reading this: https://www.repetier.com/documentation/repetier-firmware/z-probing/ I'm confused when to run G32 vs G33.
I have a COREXY with an inductive probe on zmin and a microswitch set to zmax.

My process:
1. home z (down to the z max micrswitch ~370mm)
2. G32 (4x4 grid)

What I notice is the nozzel doesn't follow the inaccuracies of the bed, it's close, but not ideal.  IE origin has a good paper distance, center smashes into the bed.

So as a step 3, should I run G33 or just M323 S1 P1.

Thank you for the clarification!


  • First make G32 S2 have a good average. It uses the distances at measurement point for rotation calculation of the bed. You can select a grid instead of 3 point measurement to get a regression plane with smallest average error. If not, make sure 3 point build a big triangle. The bigger the more precise the rotation will be.

    Only after you are satisfied with overall distance, neglecting the bed bumps you might have, you switch to G33 to get it to follow your bed. It will only follow at the bottom by splitting longer moves into 10mm moves and computing a correction. According to your configuration it will reduce correction with increasing length. Default is after 1mm no correction and until 0.5mm 100% correction.
  • @Repetier.  Ok that makes sense.  So I'll use G32 S2 with the 4x4 grid I'm using today on my 40x40cm bed.  that gives me 16 points which should suffice as I'm printing on a mirror.

    After that I'll run G33.  Do I still need to run M323 S1 P1? or will G33 store it permanently?

  • G33 is not in repetier.ino (dev version)

    Normally after G33 it stays enabled until you disable it, so it is not required to enable it every time.

  • What would I use now in the .92 stable version if g33 is unavailable? Or do I have to go to dev?
  • Sure G33 is not available in 0.92? Near end of 0.92 I thought I made the switch from G29 to G33, when I also added support for non delta printers.

    In any case I'd use 1.0dev. We are currently working hard on it to make it final 1.0.
  • G33 is in .92. I had it working yesterday. I'm going back to manual leveling for now as I just couldn't get enough accuracy for distortion correction to work properly. Will try it again soon. Need to focus on other parts of the build.
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