How to tilt Chimera Hot End so Second Nozzle doesnt Collide with the printed Part? (Offset)

Hello there,
I recently installed the chimera hot end on my delta printer. (Anycubic Mini Kossel Pulley Version)
I have leveled both nozzles and calibrated the new height with this tool :
So far so good, i have set the Offset of Extruder 1 to 720 Steps (9mm) so the Nozzle is centered when printed ( The Chimera Nozzle are 18mm apart). Im using only one Extruder for now, but i plan to use support material pretty soon.  
Now when i print the second Nozzle touches and scrapes over the printed part so i had the idea to tilt the Extruder Plane some degree, so the second Nozzle gets more height. My question is what offset would i need to make that happen? and how many degree are acceptable till the print results might get worse because of the tilt? I think if the second nozzle would have 0,3 to 0,4 mm clearence through the tilt. that would be enough. Has anyone done anything similar and has some starting values i could try out? 
That would be great :) Any other suggestions are also very apprechiated.

Greetings from Germany :)


  • First you nozzles need to have a offset as center is 0,0 for deltas. So 9/-9 mm x offsset might be correct from your description.

    Then with 2 nozzles all the nice autoleveling is not very usable any more. The bed must have the same horizontal tilt your extruder has or one of the nozzles always scrapes over bed/printed parts. So ideally both are exactly horizontal. Autoleveling then only allows for very minor corrections that won't hurt extruders or in y direction if they are in x direction. So solution is to level both hardware side same direction and make sure the unused extruder is clean with no ooze dropping out.
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