Repetier Host 1.6.2 won't upload external files to SD card

I think there's a bug in Repetier Host. 

It looks like Repetier Host ignores the external file option (in the SD card upload popup) and always writes the file it has (previously uploaded via the LOAD button on the main page) to the SD card.

If it a file hasn't yet been uploaded then the SD card gets a zero length file.

See the following for more details: 



  • What else should it upload? It uploads the gcode you have just created using a slicer or loaded into gcode and you see in preview. I don't see the problem.
  • Let's see if I can clarify.

    There's two source options in the upload popup:

    • Upload Current G-Code
    • Upload External File


    I expect the "Upload Current G-Code" option to grab the g-code that is shown in Print Preview and write it to the SD card.  This option works as I expect it to.

    I expect the "Upload External File" option to grab the contents of the file that is shown in File box and write it to the SD card.  In the example above I'm expecting that the contents of the file "C:\temp\F600D035.gcode" would be written to the SD card as is.

    If I execute the example what it actually does is write the g-code that is shown in Print Preview to the SD card.  That's the same thing that the "Upload Current G-Code" option does.

    Per the Wiki : "You can upload the current loaded G-Code or a file stored on disk."  It's the "file stored on disk" part that I can't get to work.

  • Strange - the image isn't visible.  Let's try that again.


  • Let's try an image from a web page.  This one is near the bottom on

    On this section of the page they're showing how to upload the external file C:\Users\Admin\fan.gcode

    The instructions are aimed at an old version of Repetier Host but the popup is the same.

    Copying files from SD card using repetier host

  • Thank you. Never use that function so I forgot aboput it. Will test and fix it.
  • edited January 2018
    Repetier said:
    Thank you. Never use that function so I forgot aboput it. Will test and fix it.

    --I'm pretty sure that the issue still remains. Just tested it today and I'm experiencing the same thing as rakuhn. Also I don't know how to use this quote thingy now I'm stuck in it sorry.
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