Any possibility to read out temperature of Thermo coupled PWM fan?


Today I tried to realize a passive chamber heating: I use the "Thermo Coupled fan pin" with a 100 k NTC connected to Temp2 at FAN_THERMO_THERMISTOR_PIN. And I use M460 to set the PWM-temperature range accordingly.

Now I am not 100% sure whether my temperature readings are any good, so I tried to read out the temperature of FAN_THERMO_THERMISTOR_PIN without any luck. Neither M105 gives any result nor I find anything in the host software. Is there any possibility to read out the temperature? TY!

And when I am at it: Is the PWM range changeable? I.e. not via firmware, but via G-Code/EEPROM?



  • There is no way currently to get the temperature outside. If you have a lcd display you can show it there
    %et : Thermo controlled fan temperature
    is the placeholder for the temperature in newest dev version. Just replace in lang.h in one line a code to show it
    e.g. instead buf show that temp.

    pwm range is not changeable. It is meant to be the range where fan works. The real control comes from set temperatures.
  • Thanks, that'll do! :)
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