Board fan PWM

Hi Repetier,

It would be nice to be able to set the board fan PWM via a #define. It is already being PWMed but with a hard coded value of 255 for the speed.

Thank you,


  • Ok, is now included in latest version. In config tool you can set the value below the board fan pin setting.
  • Wow! Thank you very much!
  • HI.

    Can You add to fw min. speed of board fan (with able to set via PWM) when printer is in stand by mode (not priting)?

    I have board and power supply in case and currently board fan is on only if headbed or stepper motors is active. Otherwise not, but my power supply is not cooled with board fan. Thank You.

    PS: sorry for my english ;)
  • Have added it to new dev version.
    Please test and report if it is working. Have no testing device with that setup here.
  • Not working :(
    When i finding string "BOARD_FAN_MIN_SPEED" in fw, it is only in configuration.h file :/
  • I see it wasn't copied to due version. If you now download it, it should be present in due version as well. Requires dev version!
  • Oh, sorry, i forgot tell, i have Due with Radds ;)
    Now it works, but only after print. I require that work also before print.
    We are on good way ;)
    Thank You very much.
  • What is happenening before print? No fan or too fast?
  • No fan.
  • Hi, something new?
  • Thanks for the reminder. Totally forgot this issue. Please try new dev version. I think it should now work.
  • Still not work correctly :-( When I turn on my power supply, the board fan not work. When i put print, fan board is on "BOARD_FAN_SPEED". After print is on "BOARD_FAN_MIN_SPEED". This work very well. But before print, when i turn on my printer on power supply, the board fan do nothing :-/
    Thank You for Your patience ;-)
  • Ok, found that pwm init later overwrites all set pwm with 0. Moved that now at the beginning so it should work hopefully:-)
  • Now it works very well, thank You very much ;-)
  • Great to hear it works. If it was not that I'd had no idea what else could go wrong:-)
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