Print Panel coordinates doubling when manual moving. Mac V 1.011

When moving any axis after homing I click on plus 100 or plus 10 and it shows 200 or 20 has the moving amount.  The printer still moves the correct amount as pressed, just the value is wrong in the GUI.

This has only happened in this current version.  

Also in the Extruder sections the labels are showing in bold unlike all others.


  • Tested this a second time and it was still working for me, but you are the second saying this. So there must be some condition causing this that I do not meet.

    What printer type are you using?
    What firmware and version?
    Did you home before moving?

  • Hi
    I'm using a Tevo Tarantula i3 
    Marlin Firmware 1.0

  • Seems fixed in the latest version that I downloaded last night.  Many thanks
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