MKS Gen 1.4 step by step

Morning Guys.
I am bit clueless here.
so gutted my fried da vinci and ordered MKS Gen V1.4 whatever that is. ... just because it was compact and had nice connectors . mistake ?

I have Ramps 1.4 on my other delta project I have no issues loading firmware BUT this MKS Gen V1.4 is not working

I loaded test code and moves my axis around

But when I load Marlin and enable Screen . screen won't come on.

I wonder if anyone can explain what that MKS GEN V1.4 is and is there step by step for dummies somehwere ?

Thank You


  • Wrong forum if you seek help for Marlin. This is the repetier-firmware forum, which is completely different.

    No screen = wrong display selected in configuration I'd say.
  • ad this point I would take any firmware that will work. ....
  • I would love to use Repetier as I did with da vinci .
  • From their description the RAMPS 1.4 settings should just work.

    The displays often have problems with bad cables as a alternative reason for the problem. So maybe use a multimeter to test all lines are working. Check pcb for bad solderings/bridges.
  • grinned off notches on cable flip them around and bang works :-)
    back to printing :-)
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