Z homing at the center of the bed

The title says it all,

Since i will use a BLtouch for probing/homing i'd like to be able to home Z in the center of the table, 
My BLtouch will not touch the table if the hot end is at the X-Y home position.



  • You could use latest dev from yesterday(important bug fix for this case) together with homing order containing T. You can set temperature to 0 in your case. The point is that you can there define the z homing position.

    I suggest homing oder X,Y, preheat, Z. It's the only one I expect to work in your case.
  • I'll give a try tomorrow, thanks!
  • Ok, when I'm homing the head just stop anywhere when it goes down without trigering the z min endstop (I didn't try it with the bltouch) and considered this place like his zero, it didn't do this with the version 0.92.
  • Nevermind, I must have something that is burn because it is actually the Z endstop that is triggered when it want so not a firmware issue, The endstop work like it should, so I change the Z pin of the Z min for the Z max one it the firmware, plug the Min endstop in the normally Z max and it all work.

    Thanks anyhow

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