Z Probe as Z Min Limit - Mimic Marlin - Safe Z Homing

After doing some research I don't see this implemented, please excuse me if it is.

I'm coming from the world of marlin, redeem and machinekit. One thing I really liked was being able to replace the Z min switch with the Z Probe and have that probe be positioned correctly when homing Z. I wrote a PR to allow the use the of both a Z Probe and Z min for the current release candidate, so I know the value of having both too. :)

That said, right now I only have a Z Probe and don't plan to add a Z min. I would like to see the ability to use a similar function like Marlin's - Z Safe homing, which moves the probe into the proper place, deploys if needed and then homes Z.


  • I should clarify, I am asking for the ability to have ONLY a Z Probe and have it act as both a Z Probe and the Z Min limit switch. I know the pros and cons of this and having both or just Z limit. I would like the ability to switch between the various scenarios. In order to do that, I need something like Marlin's Safe Z Homing which sets the probe to the center of the bed and then homes Z.
  • I am running fine by defining both the Z Min pins for my probe and Z-min end-stop, however, I'd like to second this request for safe homing.  Or at the very least be able to define an X/Y location that Z homing should occur.  I.e. Home X, Home Y, Move to X-20, Y-20, home Z.
  • Latest development release has some improvements here, It now activates/deactivates z probe, meaning setting offsets.

    You can use XYTZ homing with temperature set to 0. That gives you control about the homing position. After that it goes back to origin to match host expectation. Hope that works for you.
  • That is a good option. Thank you for the suggestion!
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