Is it possible to set "#define UI_RESET_PIN -1"?


Easy question: Is it possible to disable the UI_RESET_PIN by setting it to "#define UI_RESET_PIN -1"? Or will I encounter any problems with that?

Background: I am looking into possibilities to add a z-probe to a Melzi board without changing the hardware.

Thank you!


  • That depends on the display definition where it is used. Check the 2 functions below and comment the lines using reset pin and you are on the safe side.
  • Perfect, thank you! :)

    Display in use is a standard Reprap Discounts Full Graphics one (on a Wanhao DI3). FEATURE_CONTROLLER 11 (ui.h: Line 630)

    The only functions using UI_RESET_PIN are:
    on line 843 and
    on line 847. Which both *should* do nothing with "-1" as argument (at least PINMODE(-1,INPUT); and so on do nothing to my understanding). I'll try with and without commenting the two functions out.

    Thanks again!
  • -1 is a illegal pin number I think and that might make problems.
  • Ok, got it. Will comment it out. Thanks again! :)
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