Help me with FW e SW Delta printer

Hello everyone

I'm doing a Delta Robot, like the one in the picture (link), for use as a 3D printer.

The robot is driven by brushless motors 3 Nema 23 with its driver. This
driver has the direction inputs, Step, etc. and it can optionally be
controlled by USB. (The driver of the seller said that can be controlled
by macro

My problem with the project is: I can not find a control board and a software for controlling the robot;

does anyone know how I can make it work?

Thank you!!



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    You did check the Reprap Wiki page? And also all the links to discussion grouds etc.?

    The problem with these printers is not the electronics: You can use any existing RADDS, RAMPS, Duet etc. pp. board and it will work just fine. The problem is the firmware. There is - to my knowledge - nothing stable yet out there. Main reason is that these kinds of robots tend to be very rough:
    A ROUGH estimation would be that those motors have 200 steps/rotation plus 16 microsteps. For typical min to max movement one motor will move a max. angle of ~90° to ~0°. Thats 200/4*16 = 800 steps. Lets say that was 200 mm -> resolution 200 mm / 1600 = 0,25 mm ... or in other words really, really bad. (ROUGH estimation)

    Dont know if you really wanna spend your time with that? It will be a LOT of time to spend.

    /edit: /update: *I M H O*
  • As docpayce already mentioned you need a high precision for rotation to get a good result. Also homing might be a bit moore difficult to get the same starting angles again and again.

    If you manage to get one endstop for each axis, the adaption on software side is quite simple. There is a transformation method in motion.cpp that you need to rewrite to your math, which seems a bit more complex, so at least a due is required also I can say how fast you can get.

    In any case you get more heavy math and more complex mechanical solution to achieve what a cheap normal delta printer can do, but it is doable.
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