Ativate/deactivate Bluetooth from control pannel.

Hi, I've added a bluetooth adapter to my printer, but only use it to print from my laptop. Since it's connected to a 5V pin of the RAMPS, it's always on. I would like to have the option to activate/deactivate the BT adapter from the control panel.

I think it will be easy to achieve connecting the 5V input of the adapter to a free digital pin. Then we need a menu option to change the pin state:  HIGH would turn the adapter ON and LOW would turn it off.

Thank you.


  • M42 allows toggling pins, but be aware that digital pins do not deliver enough current and will destroy the pin if load is too much. You need a output with some current increasing transistor. But do you really think it worth it to spare a few mA.
  • I've the Geetech fan extender board wich is capable of delivering 0.5A per channel. since I'm only using one output for the extruder fans, should it work if I connect the BT module to the other output?, Ive measured 4.8v coming out If I set fan speed to 25%.
  • That is a bad idea. 25% fan output means 25% of time power, 75% no power. Your multimeter is too slow and averages the result somehow, but in realitiy you have 12V .. nothing. That will make it not work.
  • :-O OMG! thanks I've waited for your answer... At the end, direct 5v and one on/off switch will be the best option.

    Thank you again!
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