Filiment empty I/o to Gcode, is this possible?

This will be the first time i will attempt to use some i/o on the control board  to do something a little different, but before doing this im not sure if it can be done anyone give me a yea or Na ...

So im going to fit a micro switch just above my hobbed bolt to detect filament  present or not.  

I would then like to trigger a Script/Gcode in repiter host to do the following. 

"Pause print"
"Z axis +10mm" 
'Sound alarm"

This would ten allow  me to retract remaining filament, insert new filament an d do a purge , then do a Z axis -10mm , "continue print"


  • What you want is jam control and there is a mode for this. Unfortunately this special solution seems not to work correctly at the moment. If you have some programming skills you might like to debug it. I have currently no test printer with this sensor making it a bit difficult.
  • i didn't realise you had starting on this i have some programming knowledge so may take a look at it when i get my smoothie board.

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