EEPROM_MODE additional setting

Hi. I am currently using the 0.92 branch of the firmware on DUE/RADDS. It would be nice to have an additional mode for the EEPROM_MODE. At the moment '0' will disable EEPROM altogether. Any number between 1 and 255 will currently enable EEPROM & configuration.h value will only overwrite EEPROM values for the first time OR if the number for the EEPROM_MODE is different. To enable EEPROM and at the same time overwrite EEPROM values, a new number needs to be used for EEPROM_MODE. Using the same number will enable EEPROM, but not overwrite.

Suggestion: For a certain EEPROM_MODE number, for example 255, EEPROM would always be enabled AND the EEPROM values would ALWAYS be taken from the configuration.h file. This would avoid having to change the number for EEPROM_MODE all the time.


  • What would be the benefit of having a eeprom if you can only change data for a while? Next connect would delete all data again, so disabling eeprom is nearly the same.
  • The suggested, additional mode would be useful for the following reason:
    - value EEPROM_MODE would not need changing every subsequent time firmware would be uploaded (for example, when modifying firmware values related to delta deometry in order to fine tune the printer).
    - By enabling EEPROM it would be possible to set the Z-height (important for delta printers), and keep the setting stored in EEPROM after reset.
  • There is no need to change eeprom mode all the time. Eeprom values keep stored and if values are wrong it is much easier to change them in eeprom insead of compiling again just to copy them to eeprom. You can still copy them to eeprom with

    if that is wanted.
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