Multiple (3) Z steppers with 3 drivers leadscrews Want to Install a Z Inductive prox Bltouch etc.

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The setup includes a CoreXY ramps 1.4 with one stepper for each X and Y axis, three steppers for the Z axis, and six steppers for the E0 axis. The bed measures approximately 500 x 500 (overall), and the print area is about 420mm. I have been using Repetier to run this since 2017. I named it Broadway and made very few changes.

Additionally, Method was to install multiple (3) Z axis nema 17 64 oz motors with 3 separate Stepper drivers 8825 Each nema 17 screw is 8mm and each linear support is 12mm approx 900mm in length with a drive frame (adjust drive frame on each Z axis (1, 2, or 3) manually then Z-min zero (homing is yxz) because of an obstruction on X

Installed an inductive proximity sensor some time ago. This detects the bed properly, no active programing. Now thinking of installing the software a (Z probe or Bl touch, auto leveling) Etc. firmware config Etc.,

Every Nema 17 is driven by its own stepper driver with Z 3 are stacked on the (Z axis). This works great. The 6 EO Nema 17 are driven by 3 separate steppers drivers from a special Multiplexing board I designed can control up to 6 Extruders from 3 drivers

My question,
 I'm wondering how auto leveling the ( z probe or Bltouch)  ETC. Would work with a 3-Z stepper motor on an equal plane (z min)?
Wondering how it will interpret an area of 420 Plus mm.?

Before I start the programming of the (sensor) work with 3-Z axis drivers? (Essential transparent as one driver.  That's a big hunk of that special aluminum inductive probe detects. 


  • When I remmeber correctly you can physically level 3 Y Axis easily. You need to provide test area and screw positions so plane measured is extrapolated to motor position = z axis spindle and 2 of them are moved to be level with 3rd motor. This can be done multiple times until changes are below measure precision.
  • Ok excellent  Thank you! Recoush
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