bed levelling doing it differently than before

Recently replaced a motherboard and a bltouch sensor. I thought I was using the same FW but now the bed levelling has changed. Instead of probing a square grid it is probing a triangular grid and the probing cycle will not complete.

Why is it going diagonal?
How can I reduce the distance my nozzle crashes into the bed... Luckily this printer is not very rigid.


  • BED_LEVELING_METHOD 1 and 2 look rotated 45 degrees to me. I don't see where it goes beyond the max limits of the X axis.
  • Check the 3 points for rectangle. P1 is left front, p2 right front, p3 left back. Otherwise you get a parallelogram.
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    oK I got it probing correctly. I made the 3 points square and Bed left had to be actually be left like you said. Still I have some bad probes that keep causing crashes. How can I reduce the distance its allowed to go before an error.
  • Xy wise it goes over your rectangle. Z wise you have bed sitace, retest distance.
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