NTC 100K B3950 Thermistor, Firmware settings

Hello, can anyone assist me in adding a NTC 100K B3950 Thermistor,to my Repetier firmware, what table do I input for #define Temp_Sensor_0 please help I am completely lost, when I initially connected it to my board, hotend reads 0. 


  • Just slect hte 100K NTC 3950 thermistor in config tool to use this. Make sure to use the correct analog input pin as well or reading will not vary or change. As test remove thermistor to see if reading changes.
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    I did exactly as you directed, however the values kept changing so I switched analog input pin, after that not as much random values but still keep getting readings of -178C to -200C at ambient temp, Any tips are greatly appreciated.
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    It's reading now!... I selected the Dyze settings and everything is reading correctly! The issue is that Amazon has a generic Dyze high temp cartridge thermistor listed as the Glass bead 100k ntc 3950 very confusing.
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