Configuration.h location?

Hi, I want to use the original Repetier software for my Fischertechnik 3d printer with a modified Extruder. I want to copy the old Configuration.h from the "3d print control" App (which is based on your software) over to yours. Where is the Configuration.h file from Repetier Host? And is it enough to just copy this file, or will there be other settings to change?

Regards Elias


  •  Configuration.h is part of Repetier-Firmware and has nothing to do with Repetier-Host!

    There was in deed a fiser technic version of our host, but never had a fisher technic printer so never used it. If there are slicer configs, these are just folders and you can copy them. On the other side, new host has the much better PrusaSlicer included which Ithink was not included in that version and switching to it might be a better idea. App settings are mainly what you see in printer config. Just run both in parallel and copy them to new app. There is no file with these - that stuff is in windows registry.
  • Ok thank you for the answer. My Problem is that in the FT Software as well as in yours i dont get how to do the PID tuning. I switched to an hotend with more watts and i dont know where to change the bang _Max etc...
  • That is not host dependent and is part of firmware. If they used repetier firmware you can use M303 to check for good values and in eeprom you can store or modify them (if compiled with eeprom support).
  • Sorry, I'm new to the entire topic. I have a new 40 Watts Extruder and if I'm doing the M303 command (PID tuning) the temperature is rising extremely quick to 280 degrees, not 200 how it should. What exactly do I have to change where to let it rise slower? I don't know what EEPROM is but I guess it is some onboard memory chip.
    Thanks and sorry for my cluelessnes :(
  • The board is giving out 12V and my extruder also is meant to be used at 12V, but the old one had 20 Watts/ 6 Ohm instead of 40W/3Ohm.
  • Did you define temperature for M303? In repetier-firmware (you still did not say which firmware it uses which is important due to different parameters) it works like this in 1.0.5

    M303 P<extruder/bed> S<printTemerature> X0 R<Repetitions> C<method>- Auto
    detect pid values. Use P<NUM_EXTRUDER> for heated bed. X0 saves result in
    EEPROM. R is number of cycles. method 0 = classic, 1 = some overshoot, 2 = no
    overshoot, 3 = pessen, 4 = Tyreus-Lyben

    You might want to reduce pid drive max to 128 so it does not use full power. Giving it so much more energy will increase overshoot, so select a target temperature that is well below your max. temperature. Say 180 so with 60 overshoot you are still within limits.

    X0 and methods 3-4 will likely not work as they were added later I think.
  • I'm using the version 2.1.6. I entered this command:
    M303 E0 S200 C8
    What command should I try exactly?
    Thank you very much for your fast replies btw :)
  • I tried this command:
    M303 E0 S140 C8
    and it said "Error: PID Autotune failed! Temperature too high"
    the temperature then rised quite slowly to 198 degrees and is going back now.
  • Can I speak in German with you?
    Ich merke gerade, dass ihr Unternehmen aus Deutschland kommt... 
  • Ich verstehe die EEPROM Einstellungen langsam... Habe die Werte auf 128 gestellt, jetzt heizt es wesentlich langsamer. Perfekt, ich spiele mit diesen Werten noch ein bisschen rum und dann müsste es passen :) Dankeschön!

  • M303 E0 S200 C8
    C8 gibt es nicht nur 0-2
    method 0 = classic, 1 = some overshoot, 2 = no overshoot

    Viel erfolg mit dem tweaken.
  • Hab jetzt einfach den PID Drive Max auf 64 gestellt... der Drucker heizt sich jetzt sehr langsam auf aber bleibt perfekt auf 200 Grad stehen. Dankeschön! :smile:
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