Recherche firmware pour BL Touch sur carte Rumba


J'aimerais avoir des conseils pour paramétrer un BL Touch sur carte Rumba.

Au démarrage la tige sort 3 fois puis le BL Touch devient rouge et je ne peux pas faire un homing XYZ complet.

Le X min et le Y min fonctionne bien mais au Z min la tige ne sort pas et la buse peut entrer en collision avec le bed.

Encore un grand merci pour précieuse aide.

Très cordialement, 



  • At start that is just self test. Important is that you configure the servo as well and for the probe you need to enable and disable it with the correct servo command:

    #define Z_PROBE_START_SCRIPT "M340 P0 S700"

    #define Z_PROBE_FINISHED_SCRIPT "M340 P0 S1500"

    You can also just try them manually - the start code deploys the pin while finished script stows it away. Then try again mid z so you have time to react if it fails before crashing into bed.
  • Thank you,

     I have correctly informed these values but it does not change anything. All the pins are well affected.
    I also tried with these values that I found on the forum
    #define Z_PROBE_START_SCRIPT "M340 P0 S647"
    #define Z_PROBE_FINISHED_SCRIPT "M340 P0 S1473"

    Also, I would like to know values to put in "Servo configuration"
    Servo0 Pin 5 ( it's OK )  but Start position ?????
    Servo Control in UI (disable or servo0)

    How just try values manually ?
  • Pin depends on where you connected the signal pin, start position does not matter and can be -1. You set it anyway to the mode you want. Or use 1473 to have it stowed away as default.

    Jusr run the 2 M340 commands first to see servo is defined correctly and 3d touch works and has enough power to push in and out. Just then continue trying the full sensor functions in combination.
  • Thank you,
    Despite all my efforts I can't get this 3D touch to work.
    So for now I'm going to take a break and wind up my inductive probe to get my machine working.
    Best regards
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