Is there a way to simulate the homed condition without motors and limits installed?

I have developed python code to control an Arduino with Repetier firmware for a camera control application.

I do not always have access to the entire mechanical system with motors and limit switches, but I do have a spare Arduino and would like to be able to continue python development even when I don't have the entire system available.

Is there a way to make the Repetier firmware believe the system is in the homed condition?

Thank you for your time.


  • If you have not enforced homing for moves you can set current position to be something you want. Assuming you are at origin just send
    G92 X0 Y0 Z0

    and that is tratet as origin for following moves.
  • These are my settings currently:
    #define MOVE_X_WHEN_HOMED 0
    #define MOVE_Y_WHEN_HOMED 0
    #define MOVE_Z_WHEN_HOMED 0

    Do I need to set it like so to allow movement before homing?
    #define MOVE_X_WHEN_HOMED 1
    #define MOVE_Y_WHEN_HOMED 1
    #define MOVE_Z_WHEN_HOMED 1
  • No 0 does not require homing so should be ok. Just try a G1 move. At startup you are usally at 0,0,0 and a g1 move should move motors.
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