MKS Gen L 2,1

Has any one or does anyone Know how to configure MKS GEn L 2.1 to work with Repetier?

my understanding was it should be a successfully replace Ramps 1.4 but all of thesoe changes in Marlin, 
Don't see how to incorporate the motherboard change from ramps 1.4 to MKS gen L 2.1 for Repetier 

anyone have any ideas on this or am i stuck having to switch to Marlin, might have to switch to some other board ?


  • I have Gen L version 2. Or maybe it is 2.1 Installed as ramps 1.4 in the Repetier firmware, and a 12864 lcd display. Before I had a english Melzi controller, also on Repetier firmware. 3D printer is a modified Reprap. Was made off 8mm treaded rods.
  • Same Setup as the ramps Work as intended?
    I know they are very similar any potential issues having to change Pins etc..
  • You could check - they have normally good descriptions of boards and often even pinout images.
  • I used 

    Repetier-Firmware configuration tool for version 1.0.4 .

    And used Ardiuno to load into firmware..
    Seem to me that I just used the standard items that came up.? 
    "RAMPS 1.3/1.4" and just picked the actual display
  • If they are compatible it should work. I remember there is a mks board that has a additional fan power output, but rest is identical. So that pin is not usable with official fan pin then and you need to select the digital pin number instead of FAN 0/FAN 1.
  • Excellent, Uploaded without any issues my existing firmware to the MKS Gen L 2.1 completed no errors, 
    started installing new drivers since the old ones are 5 years old keeping for spares. 

    need to hook up some motors and extruders and see how works then i can swap out the old ramps 1.4 
    So far, off to a good start.
    Thank you EinarSkog and Repetier 
  • So successfully update with Repetier using the ramps 1.4 routine. 
    I am waiting to update the cpu until after making some more adjustments due to some minor glitches with my replacement ramps 1.4 the old one was 5 years old so verifying operational before further upgrades :>) 
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