Repetier firmware V1.3

I just mounted a new 3D Printer Prusa i3, acrylic frame :








Display type:QC2004A

Where can i find more information regarding this new version of your firmware, copy and save it, as well as the manual for new LCD display with five buttons ?





  • We have not reached version 1.3 so not sure what you really have. Maybe vendor has changed version number:-)

    You find everything on our homepage and can create new versions with our online configuration tool.

    Display sounds like own creation so you might need to use the manual display configuration but uiconfig.h explains what each setting is for.
  • Thank you very much for your answer ! How can i determine if the installed repetier firmware is version 0.91 or 0.92.x ?
    imageThis is my machine.

    Paul LINDEN
  • The original versions would tell you when sending M115 in their version string and on display while starting.

    0.92 depends on the age as it is the develeopment version. Lately it had add a menu entry in fan menu (Ignore M106 cmd).
    It also has a filament change entry in Quicksettings. 

    Anyhow it does not matter what you have. If you install your firmware you can upload what you want. 

    Old settings would be helpfull and beeing GPLV3 the vendor must have a link to the used sources including his modification = configuration. If not he would violate the license which you could tell him.
  • Hello,
    Hereafter the answer i just received from the seller of my printer :
    "Dear Paul.
    Thanks for your trust.
    I must to say that please don't change the firmware by yourself, as our engineer had changed from Host.
    So if you changed, some parts will not support.
    And our engineer refuse to send the firmware to us. We had asked before.

    Best regards
    Cora "
    This a real violation of the GPL ! What should i do ? Is it possible to force the seller ?


    Paul LINDEN
  • First check with M115 what firmware says what it is. But if it is based on Repetier, Marlin, Teacup, Sprinter it is GPL and he must provide the sources, especially if they have changed them.

    So if he does not you could tell a lawyer to tell them they should. But thats expensive so I guess they count on it that no one will do so. But that would exceed the price of a printer so of course no one does. Including us.

    So sorry, that I can not help here.
  • if you used the 2004LCD, then select type 2

    for exam:

  • Hello, Sorry for my late answer. After sending M115 to the printer, i just become printing duration, filament consumption and nothing else !
  • For security reason i would like to make a backup of the actual firmware. As i can't access to the config file, how to proceed ??
    I found this picture. At the bottom you'll find in clear text "repetier v0.91" and " !
    If you have possibility to translate from chinese, what does this mean ?

    Paul LINDEN

  • Sounds in deed like repetier firmware, but I can't read chinese. Looks like a Melzi board. Display seems normal parralel interface but not sure with the keys. Would normally need 6 wires but seems less, so they use some trick for reduction. Maybe I2C communication. Thats all I can say.

    For backup you need avrisp mkii or some other compatible isp and atmel studio. Then you can copy flash/eeprom content to file. 
  • Thank you very much for your informations ! May be someone will see the above picture, speaking chinese, and be as kind as to give us a short translation ? Hopefully ...
    Paul LINDEN
  • I got a translation of above text that just confirm the origin of the firmware, that is Repetier 0.91.

  • That is what we thought already. But does it say what display type etc it is? These are the important parts you need to get a working configuration. Knowing it is melzi (i guess it si) would give you the pins. No idea what display typ eit is or if they used a custom definition. 
  • No information regarding LCD display ! Looks like an LCM2004 with a  "zonestar" signed board connected to the Melzi via 10 pins connector : 4 pins for data, 2 for usart 1, 2 pins for sda and scl (i²c), gnd and Vcc. CPU is ATmega1284P. They use five buttons instead of a rotary switch.
  • Just a note on "force"...purely by accident I asked for a copy of the firmware in my Sunhokey printer BEFORE I accepted order/released money from AliExpress...had it in 20 minutes. No help to you now Plinden, just hoping to help someone else reading this...I just learned about the GPL disclosure requirements by reading your posts above. Thank you and Best of luck. 
  • Hi TryAnythingOnce,
    Is there any chance you are willing to share your file?

  • I have the same printer : 5 keys instead of a rotary encoder, same LCD, same Melzi motherboard from seller Hesine, on Aliexpress. The 5 keys are connected to different resistors to produce different voltages and read by an analog input, that's why you only have 2 wires.

    The seller has given me the HEX firmware which seems right (same strings as what can be seen on the LCD menu) and the source code (compilable with Arduino 1.0.4) which is not the good one since the keys scan routine using an analog input does NOT exist. If someone want them, please, mailpost me, I'll give you the link. I think I will end up sharing publicly the files because they are GPL anyway. The only problem is they are not yet validated.

    I wrote back to the seller because I need the source code to add an inductive sensor for autolevelling. He promised to "see with the engineer", but no news, no nothing, for some weeks now !

  • Hi TryAnythingOnce,
    Is there any chance you are willing to share your file?

    Sorry for the long delay. Sure, send me your email address. My file is the Marlin for the MKS 2Z v2 board, not the melzi like Plinden. survivethewalkingdead at g mail dot COM.
  • Hello all
    I have firmware source with working keypad and LCD, so i can send it via email. So maybe you can move this functions (working LCD and analog keypad) from my firmware (based on 0.91) to new 0.92 due to retract functions and better stability? That would be great...
  • Hello Mixanoid,
    I'm very interested to your firmwaresource as i'm trying to decompile the original hexfile of my melziboard...Please send it to me : I'll be very grateful !
  • i have the same printer and have uploaded latest marlin to get autoleveling. found the pin settings to make the display work, but the button control i think has to be made to read values from pin 30 ?

    ultr lcd pin settings :

           #define LCD_PINS_RS        28
           #define LCD_PINS_ENABLE    29
           #define LCD_PINS_D4        10
           #define LCD_PINS_D5        11
           #define LCD_PINS_D6        16
           #define LCD_PINS_D7        17

    i am also very interested in the firmware source to see how the butons are defined and make them work again.
    so if anyone can send them to me i would be very greatful.
  • Think this is the same as the other thread, in which case:
    Working 0.92.5:

    Old 0.91 source (Thanks Mixanoid) :
  • thank you axelsp :)
  • Hi everyone!
    I have this printer but black version..
    This is rep..5keys.rar is working all? or only configured keys?
    I black version but say Repetierv1.4 and have problem :
    i can heating heatbed but 80C to 95C jumping.
    I testing hardware but no found problem.
  • > This is rep..5keys.rar is working all? or only configured keys?

    I have the same model (v1.4/black), and ...5keys.rar works fine. Unfortunately I couldn't bacup original firmware, since bootloader is not installed on my board and flash lockbits are set.

    > i can heating heatbed but 80C to 95C jumping.

    Yup, same here. It seems that thermistor table is faulty. After flashing firmware from above post problem resolved itself, but bed can't heat over 80-90*C anyway. I've measured all resistances and voltage drops, and it looks like my bed have only about 70-80W of heating power. So I'm going to replace it with 500W/230V silicone heater.
  • kaworu: I have original firmware..but no source only binary
    and i have mk2b heatbed and going away 100C but no set 80C to 90C 
    i suspect that I thermistor table defect

  • Herc001: I also have mk2b, but mine is apparently faulty. Anyway, check ? I don't remember from where I got it, but binary images from this package worked well. I didn't check sources, because in the meantime I've fount this ...5keys.rar version.
  • ok thx

    this is machine in no included bootloader?

    not enough flash or repetier programs cant work?

    i can see config..h axelsp and kaworu but axelsp's config in epcos temp sensor

    you have temp..table how sensor can be sure?

    I can programming bootloader or only firmware burning isp?

  • Original firmware has an error in thermistor table, yes, pretty annoying.

    I have checked the temperature table with IR thermometer, it is spot on.

    I burn my firmware with an USBASP, but I'm fairly sure they come from the seller with the Arduino bootloader, give it a try.

    Original .hex can be found here, I got it from the seller:

    This is not the same file that had the 5keys and display code though, but the hex is exactly what seller supplies the sold units with.
  • As for temperature, when I remove aluminium plate and attach a glass sheet, I can reach 110c, but with the aluminium, I can't go over 85-90 or so. I installed a PEI sheet on top of the aluminium, and for that 85c seems to be enough to print ABS with no warping what so ever, so I am okay with this heater for now, but I have ordered a silicone heater.
  • thx i have hesine....

    but i have stk200 :-( and dead avr dragon ;-(

    cant locked isp programming?

    i need usbasp?

    i can pushing scetch/ verifyng/compiling but a not see binary this is normaly?

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