New display of Print Speed on version 1.4.3 labeled F:. Should be labeled as S: for speed

Is this new display for Flow or for Speed? It appears to be the print speed, but it is labeled F: for Flow instead of S: for speed.


  • It is named F because it is the value of the G0/G1 F value which is speed. But in g-code the speed is always send as F parameter.
  • That explains it. Especially since the display is a display of what the commands say to do, not what the printer is actually doing.

    So, changing the Speed with the selection at the top of the screen will not have an effect on F:?
  • Exactly speed multiplier has no effect - it is the F value send and only printer internally multiplies it with speed multiplier. Also you need to send a new F value for it to change. So it is the last F value send to printer.
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