Make filament sensor work with Ender 5+

Can the filament sensor work with RS on an Ender 5+ with the Creality Silent board and Marlin 1.70.3 BL firmware? Do I need different firmware or even a different board? 

RS 1.4.1 on RPi


  • It depends on how firmware is configured. Some do use sensor only with sd card printing, others send a message also when regular printing. As long as the firmware sends a message on out of filament we catch it.
    As last resort it is always possible to use a sensor connected to pi it self and use the GPIO signal from it to trigger it in RS. One of the main reasons we added GPIO watching in RS. The online tutorial about GPIO shows more details on this.
  • OK it looks like if I uncomment this next line:
      #define FIL_RUNOUT_INVERTING false // set to true to invert the logic of the sensor.
      #define ENDSTOPPULLUP_FIL_RUNOUT // Uncomment to use internal pullup for filament runout pins if the sensor is defined.
      #define FILAMENT_RUNOUT_SCRIPT "M600"

    then recompile it should work? 
  • That should enable the M600 out of filament solution. This is normally detected and works if display of printer supports it. With M600 the printer blocks communication and you handle filament change using the printer lcd.

    Didn't they already have filament sensor compiled in? Or is this a independent marlin version.
  • Unfortunately I can't find the source for 1.70.3 that I am running, only .1. That configuration.h snip is from .1 :(
    I think I will wait until I upgrade to a 32bit board and Marlin 2.0 to deal with this. Thanks for your time
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