I have my Repetier Server Pro version installed on a Windows 10 machine. The printer works very well but I am unable to install a Logitech C290 WebCam. I have followed the instructions on using Yawcam and put the addresses in as described. I can see the images on the Yawcam app but not in Repetier.


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    Did you activate HTTP and Straming in Yawcam? Do you use the correct ip addresses and ports? I just tried it an it works fine. Wen you want to see the webcam in Repetier-Server, Yawcam has to run.
  • I am running the Yawcam and here are my settings. I am doing something wrong, but I cannot find what it is!

  • I don't see your settings. Also the links only work locally on your intranet.

    Did you try deactivating your firewall to see if firewall is blocking the stream? In W10 default firewall asked me if I wanted to allow it, but there are many firewalls with different behaviour. So best is deactivate, test and if it works find the correct setting to allow yawcam to publish the streams.
  • I turned off the firewall and it did not help. I am using the Repetier server on the same Windows 10 machine as the YawCam. Everything is on one machine - there is no network involved in the problem.
    Is there some way I can upload a screen image of my setting to you? I am doing something wrong but cannot find it in my settings
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    you can upload your image at and share the link

    Also I just saw that your ports are wrong declared. It is <IP>:<Port> not <IP>/<Port>

    so your links should be:
    I knew I was making some dumb mistake; I just could not see it.

    It works perfectly now,
    Many thanks,

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