Anycubic Vyper and I3 Mega S

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I'm using Reptier Server Pro on both printers and I thought it would be nice to have the Repetier Firmware on both printers too. But I have no clue how to configure the firmware for them... has someone already did it and is it possible to get the configuration file or is somewhere a step by step tutorial available which I could read? On the Mega S I have a blTouch and TMC2208 upgrade, if this is necessary.

Kind regards, Gurry


  • TMC2208 is not supported by V1 firmware, so that would be difficult. Plus you need to know which pin is connected to what function and a lot more. So that is hard for prebuild printers and needs a lot of information.

    You have a better chance to find to find a Marlin preconfigured firmware that is more up to date. Most important feature you should activate in addition is advanced ok and sending wait on idle. Both help to more quickly fix communication errors. For anycubic I3 I remember there is repository from Wurstnase I think it was.
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    It was "Knutwurst" and i have that one on my I3. I'm also using a cfw for my vyper. The vyper also use TMC2208 from stock, so I think this would be a problem too then... I just think it's better to have everything from repetier, firmware and server, for better communication and functionality.
  • Of course we know our firmware best so it should work best. But only 3 points make it communicate better from which wait and advanced ok is also available in Marlin. Only our binary communication protocol is not supported so we can not buffer as many commands as with repetier-firmware.
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