Can G33 be used on NON-Delta printer?

I have a 400x400mm bed that when heated distorts with about a 1.5mm dip in the center. I've been struggling with G32 which seems to just create an even plane through the dip. Can G33 be safely used to follow the dip down and back up in a non-delta printer?

Are there any ramifications to enabling this on a non-delta printer?

Lastly, Does G32 still need to be performed first?



  • Yes, G33 also works on non delta printers. And yes, always use G32 S2 first for coarse correction. G33 is added to it and since it gets reduced over height it should be as small as possible hence the G32 to reduce the average error. Now G33 values should swing around 0.
  • Thanks! Worked great.
    And for anyone else that stumbles across this, it was necessary to enable the EEPROM before this worked. Otherwise it made the measurements but didn't use them.

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