Only Shows 1-Extruder??

I have a JGMaker Artist-D with TWO extruders.
Not all the Repetier pages show both extruders, especially the temperature graphs which I am watching closely because of a new heating element.  Is there something I need to do to enable Repetier to show the second Extruder?  I told it the printer has TWO, not sure what else to do as I am just setting this up, and this is the first print...


  • Host only shows the temperatures for the active extruder, so nothing you can do here.  Repetier-Server would show all extruders in graph section if oyu want, but always only last 5 minutes.
  • I am still learning. I think I meant server.  It's the package that runs on the nearby PC that connects to the printer.  It has the option for pro so it must be the server.

  • In the webinterface under Printer->Control you can switch between the extruders on the right side under temperatures. To see both extruder temeratures at the same time, click on the temperature icon under Printer -> Control

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