Printer becomes unresponsive when print is initialized

New problem that I have not been able to troubleshoot. I can start the printer with Repetier, home the printer, and heat the extruder. As soon as I hit print, the temp locks in at it's current temp and the print will not start. If I stop the print, I am still unable to change the temp, and no longer able move the printhead at all, printer becomes totally unresponsive. Repetier still says it is connected to the printer, but there is no communication between the printer and the computer. Only way to 'unfreeze it" is to restart the printer.

Any ideas? 


  • Some commands block the printer communication for a while. These are normally at the start of your gcode for heating up extruder and bed. These only return when target temperature is within some bounds for a time set in firmware. These are M109 and M190. Until then no more communication occurs.
  • My problem was thought that the temp would essentially lock the temp and not change until i was forced to shut down the printer. A M502 and M500 fixed the problem though, must have been a EEPROM setting, thanks. 
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