Hot end temperature is limited to 225 °C

Hi, I have troubles to increase the hot end temperature to more than 225 °C. I'm using marlin firmware on a arduino board. In the settings the max temperature is set to 240 °C. In G-Code 230 °C are set, but the maximum which will reached is 225°C. Also in manual mode directly in repetiert host software, the temperature is limited to 225°C. I can set the temperature to 240°C, but then it will be reset to 225°C automatically. Does anbody know this problem?


  • You need to increase max. temperature in host as well or host will reduce it to set limits. It is in printer settings.
  • Many thanks for the answer. I have set it already in the menu which opens when I'm using Ctlr + P
    Tab Printer: Default extruder temperature = 230 °C
    Tab Extruder: maximum extruder temperature = 240 °C
    Is there a further menu? 
  • No that is the limit I mean in host. At least if you are not printing over repetier-server which also has it's temp. limits per extruder. Then only in firmware there might be a limit. Check in console the send gcode. If you see there a M104 with lower temperature it comes from host/server. If M105 temperature response shows a lower set temperature it comes from firmware.
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