Grid Auto bed leveling


I recently updated my electronics to RADDS and I am very happy with it so far, but I have an issue.
When it comes to bed leveling, 3 point leveling is not enough. Of course every one is assuming that a glass bed is always flat... I did this assumption as well in the past and I found out how invalid this is the hard way. An I say the hard way because I was sure that my axis where bended. So I started changing everything until I realized that the problem was the glass. 
And I have not 1 but 3 glasses that have a bending.

So I am asking if it is possible to implement a grid leveling because I am having a very hard time getting a good first level.


  • By the way...
    I mentioned the change of electronics, because until now I was not using Repetier for my cartesian printer, because of the lack of Grid leveling.
    But now there is no other (reliable) firmware for RADDS that supports Grid. I tried Marlin4Due, but it has many issues and I gave up.
  • Currently this is only implemented for delta printers (officially). Same would also work for cartesian I guess only that it only adjust line endpoints so if the is a wave between start and end it would not follow it. So what is missing a step to cut long moves into smaller one to better follow bumps. I will soon get a cartesian printer with z probe so I may be able to do this and test it.

    If you already want to try search for DISTORTION_CORRECTION in configuration.h - all untested for cartesian as I said.
  • I also would like to see at least 4 point leveling. 
  • 4 points are statically undefined. You can only have 3 for definite position or a lot of points computing a regression plane (not supported).
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