Repetier Server with Marlin asking for resets

Reptier Server 0.94.3 .

Core XY, Marlin 2.0 

when doing a G28 home function, I get the following error as soon as the endstop is triggered and the carriage moves to perfroem a bump. 

Send:16:02:23.932: N8 M119
Recv:16:02:24.488: Reporting endstop status
Recv:16:02:24.488: x_min: open
Recv:16:02:24.488: y_min: open
Recv:16:02:24.489: z_min: TRIGGERED
Recv:16:02:24.489: filament: TRIGGERED
Send:16:02:34.013: N9 G28
Mesg:16:02:38.978: Firmware stopped! You can only send host and shell commands until you hit emergency stop or restart the printer. Eventually running print is stopped.
Recv:16:02:38.978: Error:Printer halted. kill() called!


  • That is a firmware problem and has nothing to do with the server. Marlin sends that message after any G command when it is in that error state. I see have send M119 without errors (because it is a M command). Did you send another g command before?
    Does the printer have power? I can imagine that since z min is triggered it expects it to untigger and trigger again and if that does not happen it goes into error state. Would happen if you send the command before the printer has main power and when only powered over usb.
  • Just wanted to write back and say that it is definitely an issue with Marlin's firmware. So please close. It was an issue with the endstop bump. Once I set it to 0 (despite being with endstops) it stopped throwing the error. 

    More information just incase anyone else runs into the issue, Z is BL Touch, was going from sensorless back to mechanical enstops on Marlin 2.0 on a BTT SKR 1.4 Turbo. 

    Looking forward to if you guys release new Repetier firmware that supports the BTT 32 bit boards so I can go back to using repetier firmware. 

    Thanks again and love your products. 

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