BL Touch makes long pause

in direct mode works as expected.

Same commands in start sequence (slice3) will show following effect:
G28 works as supposed
Then approx. 5 minutes pause
Then first probe point is tested
Then again 5 min. pause
Next probe point is tested..
and so on.
So testing 3 x 3 points takes almost 1 hour

Tried the following:
1.) Removed G29 from script - no change, probing will be executed but pauses remain
Tried to set/disable/change 
#define BLTOUCH_DELAY 0   // (ms) Enable and increase if needed

No effect pauses remain

In addition I did have problems
1. Setting Z Fade Height. I had to set it directly via M500 to EEPROM, since configuration.h
was ignored.

2. Seems that the Y-axis is flipped in the resulting mesh.

Some screenshots and files at:,874431,874468#msg-874468

Any idea which direction I should look for to make the BL touch work as in direct mode?

Marlin 1.1.5, BL-Touch clone ( Geetech 3dtouch), Repetier Host, slice3

Thank you


  • edited July 2020
    Add: Using ABL via LCD works without problems.
    As stated before, using G29 directly also works normally.

    So only using the G29 command in a slice3 startup script (or editing it into the script manually) causes problems with long delay.
  • Problem solved but still there may be an issue in RH software:
    The problem with very long pauses between probing was eleminated by NOT using the RH printer setting startcode function.
    Once the entries
    were removed from this field, everything went finde. I used the slice3 printer->Custom G Code-> startcode field instead.
  • Executing the command should always have same timings - I mean this handled in firmware not host. But I guess by moving it from host start code to slicer start code (better place anyway) you also have changed a bit the position in logic. Don't know marlin good enough to say why a G29 could slow down but the new order seems then to not trigger that condition.
    In such cases I normally check the log for firmware messages to get an idea. Like heating up extruder for each probe and cooling it down between probes would be something that could take 5 minutes. Also it makes no sense to do so.
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