Ultimaker 2+ with Repetier Server

Hi there and hello all,

I am slowly getting to grips with Repetier Server and have managed to get it working really well with a Prusa i3. I have no such luck with a older ultimaker 2 or 2+. I know the firmware has to be Marlin. I have tried tinkergnome firmware upgrade (not sure if this is a "Marlin" firmware upgrade) but I still have not been able to get it working.

I can get it to connect but nothing more.

Is there any users out there who have managed to get the Ultimaker 2's working with Rep Server? If so, where can I get the right firmware upgrade, and what connection settings worked for you?

Thanks in advance :)


  • If you connect successful everything should work. Best here is to look into console with commands and ack enabled to see what is going on. Especially of interest is if you get any response at all. If board uses hardware flow you might need to change DTR/RTS settings. One high one low is often working. Some need DTR high some RTS high. Can't say if that is important for Ultimaker but surely worth a try.
  • Thank you for that! I am back at work on Wednesday I will give it a try <span>:smile:</span>
  • Hi There, it has been a long time since I have tried this. I still cannot connect, however I can use Repetier Host without any problems, I try the exact same settings with Repetier Server and it does not work. Is there a way of copying the settings from Repetier Host into Repetier Server?

    Many Thanks, Dave 
  • Important - did you set firmware to Marlin? With repetier-firmware it will fail.
    All other settings same as in host should work. There is no copy of settings between them. Also important on windows only one software can connect to a port. So make sure no other is connected (e.g. host with regular serial connection, server connector does not count here).
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    Thank you so much for that, all it was was the firmware was not set to Marlin!

    It is working now.

    Take Care, Dave :)
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