bsod from ch340 drivers when using rep host/server

Has anyone else ever had windows BSOD crashes from the ch340 (64bit) drivers on Windows 10? I realize this doesn't necessarily point at repetier, but I've been doing a lot of Arduino work for a few months that of course use the drivers and didn't have a single crash of this nature until I started using Repetier.

Using Repeteir 0.86.2 pro trial at the moment. It's quite random, often times coming at 15 to 30 mins into a print, although I just got a few crashes just playing around with the manual controls in rep host. I'm mostly just looking for what I should be looking at - obviously the driver is final and I can't find anybody with similar problems, but it's literally the only way to reliably bsod my machine which I use for gaming and music production with no other hint of instability. Any tips on how to troubleshoot this by getting verbose logging from repetier server or other suggestions would be appreciated.


  • oops, forgot to add it's an "IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL" bsod
  • Server is just using the default POSIX solution for serial communication, everything else is in driver. So I also do not think it is the server it self, more the fact that it uses the driver.

    Did you use a different host before? Or just arduino ide for uploading, which is of course only a short term use. WOuld expect here same problem with other hosts as they also use the driver, at least if it is the driver causing the BSOD, but normal software normally can not cause this so that is a good bet. Does the screem provide any information about the BSOD library/drive causing it?

    You might try a different driver version instead.
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    Yeah, it's a good point that uploading sketches or just monitoring serial output isn't nearly as much of a stress test as printing. Unfortunately I tried an earlier driver version as well (3.3) and same crash. So in an act of "kicking the washing machine" desperation, I lowered the FIFO buffer sizes in the port settings, and so far so good *crosses fingers*

    Edit: Of course I just needed to post this to make it crash. Printed fine for 5 hours last night, now just crashed again after 20 minutes of a new print. Starting to think I might have to just setup another laptop with fresh windows install and use sd card in the meantime.

    Anywho, thanks for the quick reply.
  • @ Kraftboy
    My Issue with Repetier Server is that it crashs my desktop pc, laptop pc, infact Any Windows 10 pro 64bit pc it crashs.  I just finished building a Intel Core-I7 7700 kobylake CPU, 16GB ram, GTX 1080 vid card, first time i installed and ran Repetier Server it Crashed my New PC, THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED. Repetier Host with out the server Works Great. I like using your software but it needs to be FIXED. The server crashs most of the time in the middle of doing a 3d print not when i first start it. I have a TRONXY X5S 3d printer, running Marlin V1.1.7 all the other slicers I use with My printer ( Cura, Simplify3d) Work Great, Never an issue. Your server software crashs my computer WHY????.

    Thank you
  • @kraftboy
    Use the host Only on your windows computer. Do Not user the Server part, It is Bugged. they Need to Fix it, it crashed all 3 of my Windows 10 pro 64bit Computers I used it on. about the ch340 (64bit) drivers on Windows 10 I have No issues with this driver using simplify3d, or cura. So if it is Not the server software cousing these crashs what is it, I have Never had a crash using any other slicer software on my computer, so if it is the ch340 Driver as you say, why is simplyfy3d and Cura stable as a Rock ?? I direct connected all 3 desktop / laptops thru USB (only one at a time).
  • I don't think server is low level enough to cause BSOD. Select a virtual com port instead and print virtually. My guess is that it won't crash then. Next release will have a switch to define DTR/RTS. I'm not sur ewhich serial driver crashed when using these pins, but in any case then you could set to not toggle the pins to reset board and hopefully it then also does not crash.
  • update:
    Repetier-Host still working Great alone(With out Server). I use it alot,  It works just as good as simplify3d. So I still think it is the Server cousin  the crashes. No connection issues, No Crashes.
  • I am affected by this issue, too.
    System: Windows XP 32-bit Home Edition; Tronxy (AVR/Marlin) controller.
    Using Repetier-Server the computer will eventually crash (<24hrs) with BSOD on the CH341SER.SYS driver. Happened with older CH34x driver and now with latest driver.
    BSOD Info:
    STOP: 0xD1 (0x3,0x2,0x1,0xBA2AA923)
    CH341SER.SYS - Address BA2AA923 base at BA2A8000

    I will switch to using Repetier-Host without -Server.

  • I just installed server on my windows 10 machine that has been running start learning for almost a year and am now seeing this.
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    Would love to figure it out as it only bsods when I am printing with server. Have narrowed it down to it because after 1 hour of printing it does this. If I don't use it it is fine for weeks even Months before I reboot.
  • Also having this same issue.  I was using cura and have never had this problem.  Decided to try repetier and every print has caused the BSOD.  Using an Ender 3 with the default Marlin board, upgraded firmware from TH3D.  I changed the buffer to 63 bytes, Ping pong to true, RTC to low and DTR to low.  It got a little farther into the print but still crashes.

    Any advice?
  • was considering getting the pro version, but $100 for software that crashes seems like a bad idea.  
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    Dear all, and thanks for this really nice free software. I am using repetier firmware and host since 2013, and I just made some updates (firmware, software, new server...).

    I start all these update hoping there would be a fix for my BSOD regular issues.
    Thoses BSOD are the main reason I mostly print from SD card.
    But the repetier server is not able to send a file to the SD card.

    Here are some info:

    -> Thoses BSOD are occuring with repetier hosts (old version from 2013, and latest), or with repetier server.
    -> A bit more often with server than with host.
    -> They are occuring with old firmware, and latest firmware.
    -> I use other arduino nano board, with CH340, and some time get the same BSOD.

    This suggest it may be rellated to hardware, or really low level software.
    Does someone with a genuine Arduino board with a FTDI chip instead of a CH340 encounter the same problem?

  • It is a pure driver problem. You can run repetier-server from a raspberry pi and it should not happen. At least I got only reports about that problem with that chip on windows. None for mac and linux.
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    @Repetier: We understand, but Repetier Server _is_ the software causing BSODs.  In my case, both with a clone _and_ with a genuine Arduino Due.  Any bug fix coming after a couple of years?
  • I know this thread is a bit old at this point, but I thought I might share my observations:

    I actually found this thread because I've been having the same issues of late -- namely BSOD using Repetier-Server with any print job of any appreciable size (>1 hour). I'd been using Host (without any issues) for the past couple of years but recently switched over the Server for some of the advanced features and was surprised by the crashing. Seeing the suggestion that it might be the USB driver causing the problems, I checked my chip maker's website (FTDI) for an updated version and was lucky enough to find one (though Windows thought I was up to date). Updating the driver seems to have cleared up these issues; I've been able to print jobs running longer than 7 hours now with no hiccups. Keeping my fingers crossed that that's that.

    In the interest of disclosure, my board is an Arduino clone with an FTDI chip; it came as part of a HICTOP 3DP-11 kit I put together several years ago.
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